About Us

Our team

The SuperHelpers team consists of dedicated and highly experienced individuals each of whom all have a common goal; to provide extraordinary services to all of our clients. Dedication is truly an understatement in regards to our team, many team members have been apart of our company for over 5 years! We know that having someone familiar provide our services to our clients is very important and unlike our competition we'll have no problem with sending a familiar face to your home each and every time!

Our Story

SuperHelpers Inc was founded in June of 2007 with the goal of aiding already busy individuals and families stay unbothered with tedious cleaning chores; thus allowing our clients to enjoy their free time in a satisfying manner. Dirt and dust occur in a never ending cycle, therefore tedious and tiresome cleaning is a never ending need. Unless you are like us (most aren't) you don't enjoy cleaning up; you deserve to spend your free time being free! SuperHelpers--Maid to Aid!